Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Maus I - My Father Bleeds History

I just finished Maus I - My Father Bleeds History by Art Spiegelman. It is another graphic novel. This is a survivor's tale (a true story). It was a very sad book about the Holocaust. The Jews were represented by mice, the Germans were represented by cats and the Poles were represented by pigs. Vladek is Artie Spiegelman's father and he is telling his father's story that his father told him. Vladek had a wife named Anja and they had a very hard time finding places to stay and hide because no one would take them in and the Gestapo kept looking through their hiding places.

I liked this book and recommend this book to kids who are learning the story of the Holocaust.

American Born Chinese

I read American Born Chinese by Gene Luen Yang and Lark Pien. It is a graphic novel and I recommend that you read it. I thought it was hilarious because they had things that every kid would think is funny. One thing that I thought was funny was the monkey king becoming so powerful and everyone saying that he wasn't so good and he said "they all needed a little convincing." And then he beat them up.

It was surprising that everyone wasn't who they said they were. At first I wouldn't think that Danny would be Gin. But then, he made a wish with that funny old lady who said, "You can get anything you wish as long as you are willing to give up your soul."

If you are a kid and you like graphic novels, you should read this.